Bordas Hypnosis

Specializing in Hypnosis for more than thirty years

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C/ Vallfogona 7 Baixos (Barcelona, Gracia)


From Monday to Friday from 8h to 20h, Saturday from 8h to 14h

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What we do?

At Bordas Hypnosis we’ve been specializing in classical direct hypnosis for more than thirty years, considering ethics, close relationship with the client and confidentiality as our ethical maxims.

From our center in Barcelona’s Gracia district, we face our client’s situation from a direct and efficient approach always searching for a change from the first moment in our patients, without large sessions that seem not willing to find short-term solutions.


We’re specialized in the treatment of: Smoking, Addictions, Anxiety, Insomnia, Phobias, Manias, Alcoholism, Trauma, Neuroses, Food disorders, Sexual disorders…

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Bordas Hypnosis on the media

Our work in Bordas Hipnosis is not limited to the practice of hipnosis but the divulgation of it’s practices. In our Media section you can find some of the collaborations with diverse media we’ve worked with.

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Hypnosis, possessions and supernatural beings

It could be said that magic, the world of things that cannot be understood by science, maintains a certain relationship with the things that escape our consciousness in our minds. Visions, mystic experiences, demonic possessions or premonitions are all products of our subconscious’s great capacity to affect the conscious mind. Or at least it seems […]

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Curious case: Blindness

It was the early eighties when to the query of the small office on Vallfogona street arrived one of the most extraordinary cases that have been seen until today. Recommended by a personal friend Mercè came to us (the name is not real for confidentiality reasons). The middle-aged woman, short and thin, had suffered an […]

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What our clients say from us

I've always been esceptic with this tipe of techniques, but after a friend's insistence i've ended up going. Now i must correct myself and recommend hypnosis as a solution to overcome complicated times.

Carles Hotel Director, 57 y/o

I was scared of trying hypnosis, as how could it affect me. I must say that the situation has been totally comfortable and a lot more diferent than i expected. A great success.

Victoria Marketing chief, 33 y/o

I've had a couple of friends that had come to this center and seeing the good results in them i've wanted to come and see how hypnosis can help me out.

Llorenç Bookseller, 41 y/o