Curious case: Blindness


It was the early eighties when to the query of the small office on Vallfogona street arrived one of the most extraordinary cases that have been seen until today. Recommended by a personal friend Mercè came to us (the name is not real for confidentiality reasons). The middle-aged woman, short and thin, had suffered an ocular condition that made her blind during a short period of time. surprisingly, when it was time to withdraw the bandages and leave the temporary blindness behind, the patient did not recover the view. It remained blind.
The operation did not bring any complications and the healing process was a success in a biological sense, there was nothing that could suggest that Mercè was not well healed. In front of the stupefaction of the doctors posed the possibility that the patient’s blindness was caused by some psychological reason. It’s for this fact that the protagonist of the history arrived at the office in the neighborhood of Gràcia.
Mercè resulted to be one of those cases that achieve to reach a very deep level of hypnosis, able to reach a fourth hypnotic degree, in which the mental state can alter largely. In this state Mercè went relaxing and going down and deepening increasingly until the point in which she was given the hypnotic order than when she opened her eyes, she would be able to see all her surroundings, able to see again. When Mercè opened her eyes, she was able to describe all what she saw: the chaiselongue in which she was being hypnotized, the pieces of furniture, the decoration, the pictures… But when she left the hypnotic trance she was not able to see . Every time she was hypnotzed she could see like before the operation.
And like this, the sessions passed but the effect did not last further than the session’s lenght. Until one day, was decided that an hypnotic regression would be done in order to establish a dialogue with the subconscious mind of Mercè.
Under hypnosis the patient reached a very deep hypnotic degree, to such a degree of altered consciousness that his subconscious took a voice of it’s own and did visible the root of the problem.
Under hypnosis, Mercè began speaking of his family’s situation. She explained that she had to care for two children and a jobless husband. She alone had to do everything at home: cook, wash and buy groceries and none of the members of her family helped her, but whith her blindness the situation improved extraordinarily, his husband found a job and her children took care of the house’s tasks.
After the Mercè’s story there was no doubt, the blindness was due to her unconscious desire to improve her situation at home.
In times of big stress the subconscious of the individuals can look for radical solutions to solve the mind’s unrest and hide them to the knowledge of the conscious part. In that case, the hypnosis was useful to do conscious the content of the mind the patient was unaware.
Mercè recovered the view after that session and her family life improved in making her family aware of the reasons of her blindness.

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