Hypnosis, possessions and supernatural beings


It could be said that magic, the world of things that cannot be understood by science, maintains a certain relationship with the things that escape our consciousness in our minds.

Visions, mystic experiences, demonic possessions or premonitions are all products of our subconscious’s great capacity to affect the conscious mind. Or at least it seems so in most cases.

Looking back at ages past, we can prove how humanity has tried to give mystical explanations to the individual’s altered states of consciousness.

Not long ago, mental illness was considered the result of possessions, dark pacts or bewitchment. The oldest reference to demons causing illness to humans are found in the Sumerian culture, where tho so-called gid-dim would possess the bodies of their victims to make them sick or mad. That tradition has endured since the present days, where some people still try to give esoteric explanations to abnormal conduct.

Another example of the power that the subconscious mind has to make humanity put their eyes on superior beings could be found in substance abuse in antiquity. Witches, mages, priests and priestesses have used various substances in a conscious or not conscious way to see and communicate with arcane energies and supernatural entities. In recent discoveries, researchers have been able to analyze the contents of potions and salves used by witches from the medieval ages that have survived the test of time. Upon being examined, those potions have shown hallucinogen properties in components such as belladonna and amanita muscaria,both producers of substances that create deliriums and hallucinations.

The following cases of hypnosis follow that human tradition in our times.

Hypnotic transformation

Eduard is a middle-aged man that comes to the hypnologist’s office because of his struggling with anxiety and stress. In his first session, Eduard reaches a very profound degree of hypnosis. In an unexpected way mid-session, something happens that makes Eduard start groaning and then grab the hypnologist by the throat, not stopping until he is ordered to trough an hypnotic order. Before that situation, Eduard excuses himself and reveals the true motif behind his visit.

During a trip to the Catalan Perineum with his Wife, Eduard had an encounter with an unholy being, a wolf dog rumored to be the culprit of killing three sheep in a nearby farm. Eduard, being very scared of dogs, started running knowing the animal’s reputation. It started to pursue him spurred by seeing Eduard running fearfully. The dog was able to bite his leg before he was able to escape. Time before that scare the wound healed and life continued as normal. But one night, when he was taking a stroll under the full moon, he started to feel sick, a ferocious hunger was consuming him and his hair started growing in all his body, that wolf dog had transformed him into a beast, the Werewolf.

In front of such a statement, it was decided to play along on his case and, if it was possible, help him.

Eduard believed that hypnosis could help him cure the curse that was being a problem for him and his wife, who was forced to tie him when his supposed transformations happened. Eduard believed that it was necessary because she had suffered from his bites and scratches on full moon nights. The wife stated that Eduard was impossible to convince, because he thought that anyone who saw his supposed transformation was lying not to worry him.

After consulting to a psychiatrist and deciding to collaborate on this case, it is decided that could be good to make the patient see his error by showing him the tape of one of his “transformations”.

In psychotic patients it is good to make them see that their perception is altered to be able to work with him from the medical perspective.

With hypnosis, the mind can let go it’s contents and makes the mind very permeable to suggestion. That’s why it is decided to “force the transformation” in the hypnotic state.

In the following session, Eduard is told that hypnosis can make the beast in him appear so the curse can be lifted.

The first step is to make Eduard be relaxed and calmed, reaching the profound relaxation and wellness needed to reach the “climax” of his transformation without risk Then, with Eduard relaxed and unstressed, he is given the order: “-I will count from ten to one and you will progressively transform.”

After those words, Edward’s body starts convulsing and pronouncing random irrational words accompanied by growls and howls. This altered state increases progressively, only stopping when he is ordered to sleep, ceasing all activity Without much surprise, it is proved that Eduard’s hair and teeth hasn’t grown a bit. And the hidden camera can prove it.

When Eduard opens his eyes, he believes that the people there have seen his transformation. But to his surprise, it has not been as he thought. Seeing the video tape, Eduard can’t believe his eyes. In this precise moment his expression changes, he has understood it.

Following the tape’s viewing the patient decides to go to a psychiatrist, who will then discover that Eduard has Schizophrenia. The situation he has seen himself in was caused by a psychotic attack as a result of his traumatic experience with the wolf dog.


This case is an experiment, an occasion in which it was possible to use hypnosis to fight a supposed “supernatural entity”. There was a time where hypnosis and paranormal investigation where strongly related. In that time there was an investigation on a surprising case that required the participation of an hypnologist. Julia is a normal woman, but one day this normality sunk. Without having strong religious convictions, one day she dreamed about a dark creature whispering unknown words to her. That dream was dreamed over and over the following days. One day, it seems the creature in her dreams took over her body, she was possessed.

What’s curious about this case is that Julia was capable to guess which one in three envelopes had a religious image in it as well as guess whether the water was holy or not. A possible explanation to this is that the human subconscious is able to analyze a lot more information about our surroundings than our conscious mind. It is possible that in that altered state Julia subconsciously analyzed the changes in the facial expressions on those who showed her the envelopes or threw her the water, as well as the little differences between envelopes or the little variations in the gestures on those who used the holy water. This subconscious analysis could transmit those impressions to her without her being aware of it, reinforcing the validity of that supposed “possession”.

The paranormal investigators working on that case tried to exorcise her without any results, and so the help of the hypnologist was required. Maintaining an agnostic point of view, it was decided to play along with the patient’s deliriums. Julia is induced to an hypnotic state and ordered to remain calm and relaxed. Everything seems to go well to the moment she starts to convulse and show facial tics. In that moment, the beast inside of her awakes screaming blasphemies and spiting at the people around her. Without losing control of the situation, the technique that will make the demon disappear is used., Julia is told that being hypnotized the demon inside her is hypnotized as well, tricked into falling in the hypnotic state to be ordered to leave her body forever. Screaming and cursing, the supposed beast inside Julia exclaims: “you’ve tricked me!”, disappearing forever. After that session Julia is recommended to search the help of medical professionals, but she has not suffered from anything that could be considered a psychotic situation. Who knows, maybe demons exist and live among us?

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