Regression to past lives, myth or reality?


The hypnotic regression is the technique that enables us to make clients remember forgotten or blocked memories from past times from our minds. This technique is frequently used to unlock possible causes in past memories for actual mental problems. In the hypnotic state one can enter an hipermnesiac state, in which the patient can remember things with much more ease, even those that where completely alien to them before remembering them.

But, what if we could go backwards further than our own childhood? Even further than our own birth? From a skeptical perspective it has been proved how on occasion the regression process seems to defy science’s logic with accurate data from people without historical knowledge, musical abilities never seen in certain individuals, knowledge of foreign languages…

But also there are lots of cases in which the hypnotized subject reveals historic mistakes or hints us that what he says is a product of it’s imagination.

In the following lines we show you some regression cases seen by us, judging if they are true or not is left to the viewers opinion.

A major from a village in Extremadura (Spain)

The regression process for a french woman actually living in Barcelona took her to a past difficult to place in time. The first memories from another era that crossed her mind where of a warm land and a small lonesome village without electricity, the place, Extremadura. When she was asked to remember his own body, she saw herself as a tall, old wrinkly and skinny man. She remembered herself being an important figure for the community, she was the village’s major. What’s interesting from this case is that the woman could remember the full name of that major but not the village’s. At that moment this particular history was not particularly researched further but the woman was told to call if she discovered anything. Years later, a call from the woman revealed something incredible. Casually that woman was driving through Extremadura when, passing by a small town an intrusive thought crossed her mind “¿Could this be the village?”. And effectively, at the small town’s hall she discovered that there had been a major by the name she remembered on the XVIII century.

The woman, born in France, didn’t knew Extremadura’s landscapes, she didn’t even knew anything from that land further than knowing the name of that part of Spain before visiting it. Did the young french woman lie? Maybe she had heard the story somewhere and her unconscious mind reproduced it in hypnotic state? It is unknown, but what’s certain is that this story creates an interrogation mark that can surely shake consciousnesses.

The medieval monk

The following regression is starred by a middle-aged man that wanted to know how it felt to undergo trough the regression process and if it could be possible to extract memories from past lives from the mind.

That certain individual saw himself under hypnotic state in a IX century medieval convent, wearing the robes of a friar on a rural cloister.

He, in his supposed life as a monk described accurately the daily activities on the convent: the maitines prayer on the morning, the maintenance work at the orchard, the everyday tools of medieval life, the lunchtime of bread with tomato… Bread with tomato? At this moment on the regression session all alarms activated, or Catalonia had held a secret variety of autoctonous medieval tomato before the discovery of America or maybe what the client was saying was not true.

This is a clear case of false regression or it could be a product of the unbound consciousness capable of making people see thoughts and images as real under hypnosis.

The Russian newspaper

A really curious case is that of a young and small lady who, when hypnotized, saw herself as a big and muscular man working as a blacksmith on the stable’s of a palace. The palace seemed from the XVIII or XIX century, with luxurious commodities, in a snowy land. At that moment a name crossed her mind, Nicholas II, Russia’s Tzar on the late XIX century and the early XX century, better known as the last Tzar. To be able to contemplate the possibility that the client may had been the blacksmith of a Tzar she was told to remember a newspaper and read a random page. The client said that she was able to see the newspaper but she didn’t recognize the language it was written on, although she was able to remember all the letters in front of her. In order to be able of revealing the truth she was told to describe the shape of each one of the letters in a random article. The letters where noted on a piece of paper and then brought to a Russian translator. To the surprise of the hypnologist the translator said that it was an article about Russia’s convulse situation in the XIX century.

The client affirmed that she didn’t knew Russian and she had little knowledge about the Tzar’s Russia. Is it possible that her subconscious mind remembered an article from centuries ago at some place?

Did she lied in a very elaborate way?

Carl Jung, Freud’s contemporary psychiatrist, said that men need to conserve a little spirituality to make him think in something bigger than just our existence being a “cosmic coincidence” in a senseless life. This, together with the other stories, gives us motivation to lift our vision higher than the mundane and think, what if…?

The immurement

This last regression shows us how this technique can be helpful, being the memories true or not. This case is the story of a man who saw himself through hypnosis in a medieval convent. The client could remember two types of very different stimuli. He could see images and feel sensations of the common life of a nun and also an ominous feeling of unease and despair in a dark environment.

The nun’s life remembered by the client seemed monotonous and calmed, nothing seemed to be able to suggest the origin of the bad feelings he also felt.

During the session the hypnologist made the client re-experience the important memories of his life, like the first day on the convent or the ordinance as a nun, but something was highlighted, that nun had a relationship with the gardener. When the abbess knew about the affair, she acted with savage brutality, immuring her alive in a small room on the basement, where she died of hunger dehydration and despair.

This story doesn’t give any clue about the possible truth in it’s content, but what’s interesting is that the client suffered from claustrophobia since he was a child and it started to recede before experiencing the regression, as if the events of a past life could effect our present life’s fears.

If we were to be extremely opposed to the previous statements, we could say that the patient’s supposed memories from another life where an invention for the subconscious to undergo a cathartic process to understand itself better and be able to overcome it’s fears.

Was it real? Was it all a lie? We don’t know, but it works.

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