Hypnosis to quit smoking

Treatment consists on two to four sessions centered in reinforcing the will power, reduce smoking anxiety and eliminate those associations one’s mind does automatically as a result of the addiction. Drink coffee, speaking on the phone or wait for someone are some of those situations we work on to make the brain stop associating with smoking through hypnotic orders.

It’s important to remark that hypnosis works as an aid, it will never work if the client doesn’t want to quit smoking. The client has to be conscious of the improvements he will receive by stopping the addiction like: minor risk of becoming ill, social acceptance, augmented pulmonary capacity, feel better, etc.

The hypnotic sessions have the objective to help the client overcome the smoking habit. The first month a smoker stops smoking is the hardest one and the most stressful, with anxiety and in-tranquility. For that, the sessions are scheduled in two to four sessions (one per week) depending on how much does the client smoke, to overcome this first month and to maintain the addiction in line past this month. At Bordas Hypnosis we are always in search of direct results, making all of our clients feel better in a direct and precise way and improving the client’s attitude towards smoking since the first time they come.

If you’ve decided to come, we’re waiting for you!